Autoclave and oven control systems

A new autoclave and oven control system designed by experienced engineers, to provide superlative control of autoclaves for composite processing.

VFE brings to the market a new generation of autoclave controls, drawing on over 40 years of combined experience, designing, building and operating autoclaves. The next generation is here; designed for stringent control of Autoclave and Oven processes, the all new ‘AMCS’ (Autoclave Management and Control System) is ready to deliver a robust and easy to use software interface with innovative new features and importantly, NADCAP compliance.

The system, developed in conjunction with Honeywell, delivers a proven hardware platform with easily programmed software that has been designed by in house engineers totally familiar with autoclave processes; this combined with input from machine operators delivers a winning solution.

Oven controls

Similar to autoclaves, ‘AMCS’ has been designed to control ovens with the same accuracy. VFE can design and install a new operating system to your ovens, the system can interface to existing hardware and electrics (subject to survey) providing a new robust control system for the future. The controls can be configured to support many applications including composites, metal metal bonding, creep stress forming, galvanic etc.

Industrial applications

Our control system is based on a Honeywell PLC with a dedicated Scada package written by our own in house engineers. We have significant experience with many different types of applications and would welcome the opportunity to talk about your requirements, all backed by our dedicated 24/7 service team.