Reconditioning of any type, make or age of vacuum furnace

As Europe’s leading supplier of vacuum furnaces, VFE is ideally placed to offer its expertise in the redesign, overhaul and repair of any type, make or age of vacuum furnace.

VFE has consistently shown that by adding new technology, and reconfiguring existing furnaces, significant savings can be achieved – without compromising process and production performance. Reconditioned furnaces meet all the relevant legislation and standards including NADCAP.

The scope of supply undertaken by VFE encompasses all aspects of vacuum furnace technology.

  • Hot zones – graphite, all-metallic and composite designs
  • Control systems – from basic instrumentation replacement to the latest PLC / PC based supervisory data acquisition (SCADA) packages
  • Vacuum pumping solutions – improved speed and ultimate vacuum levels
  • Spare parts supply
  • Leak detection
  • Emergency and routine service support
  • Training
Control systems

Industry leading control systems for vacuum furnaces

Hot zone refurbishment

Vacuum furnace hot zone overhaul