Vacuum furnace hot zone overhaul

Refurbishing a furnace’s hot zone can result in the reduction of energy consumption delivering significant cost savings.

Vacuum Furnace Engineering Ltd is Europe’s leading specialist in the refurbishment and repair of all makes of vacuum furnace including Hot Zone, Pumping Group and Control System overhaul. Furnace hot zones are available in All-Graphite, All-Metal or a combination of both materials. When utilising graphite, a combination of enhanced materials are used including carbon fibre composite ensuring improved performance and reliability.

The reline and refurbishment of vacuum furnace hot zones using advanced VFE designs and the most energy efficient materials can result in significant reduction of power usage, improvement in overall thermal uniformity and the lowering of a furnaces carbon footprint.

Environmental drivers such as EuP (Energy using Products Directive) will demand that in the future closer attention will need to be paid to the energy consumption of vacuum furnaces.

Graphitic hot zones

VFE supplies a wide range of graphite hot zones covering all makes and models of vacuum furnaces

Metallic hot zones

Metal hot zones allow higher vacuum levels, quicker vacuum pump-down, and a cleaner atmosphere