Precision melting and casting equipment

VFE is the sole support agent in the UK for the complete range of Retech Systems LLC products.

VFE supplies a range of metallurgical processing equipment for advanced process technologies including melting, refining and casting reactive and refractory metals, super-alloys and rare earth metals.

Vacuum Induction Melting and Casting

Precise control of the entire alloy chemistry process.

Powder Production Equipment

Proven technologies providing a variety of melting and powder production techniques.

Consumable Electrode Casting

Casting process with a continuously fed consumable wire.

Electron Beam Melting

A proven refining technology for a wide range of speciality metals.

Plasma Arc Melting

Melting of reactive and refractory metals.

Vacuum Arc Re-melting

Melting reactive and refractory metals and steel for highly demanding applications.

Rotorode® Non–consumable melting

The Rototrode® is a unique, non-consumable melting system for the melting and recycling of reactive and speciality metals.