The Rototrode® is a unique, non-consumable melting system for the melting and recycling of reactive and speciality metals

The Rototrode® system melts vacuum melted metals and related alloys in a single operation.

Rototrode® utilises a rotating, water-cooled copper, non-consumable electrode to melt vacuum melted metals and related alloys in a single operation. Melting is performed by a high current DC arc. The main advantage of this technology is that it allows direct feeding of a wide range of raw materials.

Rotorode® non-consumable melting is used in both aerospace and commercial applications and in recent years this innovative technology has been applied to casting VAR bar stock and powder as well as near net shape products.

The technology can be applied to tilt-pour crucibles for parts casting, static crucibles for ingot production or bottom-pour crucibles for powder production. Complete alloying and melting are enhanced by the furnace’s ability to achieve and hold higher pool temperatures for controlled periods of time. Ultimately, most forms of scrap can be readily upgraded to ingot quality.

Processing applications

  • Ingot casting
  • Electrode consolidation
  • Powder production
  • Parts casting
  • Investment casting
  • Permanent moulds
  • Graphite moulds
  • Static casting
  • Centrifugal casting
  • Sporting goods
  • Sponge & scrap consolidation

Material applications

  • Titanium & Titanium alloys
  • Nickel-based alloys
  • Speciality steels


  • Typical pour capacity for cold wall crucible: 225kg (500 pounds)
  • Typical pour capacity for cold wall/hot wall crucible: 1360kg (3000 pounds)
  • Currents up to 30,000 amps
  • Eliminates traditional process costs of compacting, welding and consumable re-melting
  • Operable under vacuum, partial or atmospheric pressure
  • Direct feeding of a wide range of raw materials