Thermal processing for brazing, sintering and diffusion bonding

VFE has been the exclusive distributor for TAV vacuum furnaces in the UK for over 25 years.

TAV, based near Milan, is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of industrial vacuum furnaces. The partnership between VFE and TAV has been an unparalleled success, leading to the installation of vacuum furnaces within the aerospace, industrial gas turbine, sub-contract heat treatment and general engineering sectors.

VFE is the preferred service partner for TAV vacuum furnaces. VFE’s offers innovative, planned preventative maintenance contracts under its FurnaceCare service offering. Our team of European service engineers are able to offer routine servicing and maintenance.

TAV car bottom loading furnaces

For the thermal processing of large, heavy components.

TAV horizontal loading furnaces

Hinged furnace door opens sufficiently to allow complete and unobstructed access to the hot zone.

TAV convection heating furnaces

Reduces energy consumption, cycle times and product movements.

TAV vertical bottom loading

For brazing and heat treatment of aerospace components.

TAV special systems

Vacuum furnace systems for specific thermal processes.