VFE’s ServiceCare servicing plans for process equipment are tailored to meet individual requirements. Customers can select the frequency of maintenance visits, whether to include an emergency call out option or even opt for a pump oil analysis service.


A ServiceCare preventative maintenance contract will keep your equipment in prime condition ensuring that not only does it comply with health and safety legislation but that it operates correctly, efficiently and above all accurately.

Machine downtime minimised

Routine maintenance improves equipment reliability and reduces the risk of large scale failures and the resulting interruptions to production.

Full NADCAP certification

Where relevant, all VFE servicing is performed according to NADCAP requirements and we provide full NADCAP Certification.

Calibration to UKAS certification

We can perform many types of UKAS accredited temperature, humidity, pressure/vacuum, electrical and time calibration on site. We can also undertake non-accredited calibrations that remain traceable to national standards. Our site engineers provide valuable feedback and calibration certificates are produced promptly.

On larger sites we can complete site calibration where full time VFE calibration engineers and technicians become part of your team, supported by VFE. This enables us to deliver a cost effective and reliable calibration schedule – with no production delays or missed deadlines for your business.

Overhaul repairs and upgrades services

We have considerable experience in the redesign, overhaul and repair of vacuum furnaces, autoclaves and ovens as well as associated equipment. Our team of engineers are skilled in adding new technology and reconfiguring existing equipment to deliver considerable savings over purchasing a new equipment whilst maintaining production process and production performance.

Any make, any model, anywhere

Thanks to the skill and experience of our team of engineers we can service any make or model of process equipment for any industry – any where in the world.

Vacuum Furnaces

VFE supports all makes of vacuum furnaces, not just those supplied by VFE, with service contracts and a comprehensive range of spares.

Pump Solutions

VFE has over 20 years’ experience in the maintenance and repair of a vast range of vacuum pumps from diffusion to dry screw and from side channel to rotary vane.

Calibration Services

We provide UKAS accredited calibrations for temperature, pressure, vacuum, humidity and electrical properties. Our UKAS accreditation is for both laboratory calibration and on-site calibrations at our customers’ premises.

Autoclaves & Ovens

Our engineers are trained to carry out the servicing of autoclaves and other industrial ovens, including UKAS accredited thermal surveys to prove
temperature uniformity.

Control Systems

VFE supplies a comprehensive range of control systems for autoclaves, ovens and furnaces. All systems comply with relevant legislation and standards including NADCAP.