UKAS calibration services

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We offer UKAS calibration services (UKAS accredited calibration laboratory no. 4338) for temperature, pressure, vacuum, humidity and electrical properties.

Laboratory and field-based UKAS calibration services

Our UKAS accreditation covers both laboratory calibration in our own facility and on-site calibrations at our customers’ premises.

On larger sites we can complete site calibration where full-time VFE calibration engineers and technicians become part of your team, supported by VFE. This enables us to deliver a cost-effective and reliable calibration schedule – with no production delays or missed deadlines for your business. Our automated calibration schedule system highlights what equipment needs calibration, to what standard, and by when, allowing us to action the work effectively and to schedule.

And, if equipment fails to meet calibration requirements or is not running properly, VFE engineers can quickly make the necessary adjustment or conduct repairs, saving you additional call out costs.

Traceable calibration

All our calibration is fully traceable to national standards and with our UKAS accredited laboratory and on-site calibration services we can meet almost all industry requirements.

Parameters calibrated

We calibrate temperature, pressure, vacuum, humidity, electrical and other physical properties.

Thermal surveys

For most autoclaves and ovens we can carry out UKAS accredited thermal surveys to prove uniformity typically to: BS2M54, Boeing D649327, BAe, Eurocopter etc. Our engineers are trained to understand the machines and the processes, where necessary, and with prior agreement we will re-tune your equipment to meet the required standards.

VFE Calibration Services holds UKAS accreditation enabling us to carry out both laboratory and field-based certified calibrations. Click here to download our UKAS Certificate.

Calibration forms an important part of VFE’s ServiceCare planned preventative maintenance contracts. Call us on +44 (0)1384 426170 for further details.

UKAS calibration services