You know you have to calibrate to meet the set standards stipulated by your customers and to meet your own quality assurance targets, but did you know that calibration also delivers other benefits?


Calibration brings cost savings through enhanced energy efficiency, as well as increased productivity through shorter processing times. There are the added benefits of improved equipment reliability and greater machine utilisation. Achieving higher calibration standards will also enhance quality assurance and could open the door to new business opportunities.

At VFE, we believe that calibration also helps our customers understand the performance of their production equipment; resulting in reduced product failures, increased reliability, less down time and lower production running costs.

Total peace of mind

Our calibration services help our customers meet their own required accreditation criteria, NADCAP and AMS2750 standards. They also offer the peace of mind that your plant is operating correctly, efficiently and above all accurately. This means you can be confident that your product will meet quality expectations and test results are reliable.

What we can do for you

To help you achieve these benefits, we can perform many types of UKAS accredited temperature, humidity, pressure/vacuum, electrical and time calibration on site. We can also undertake non-accredited calibrations that remain traceable to national standards. Our site engineers provide valuable feedback and calibration certificates are produced promptly.