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Instrument Calibration

UKAS accredited calibration services for process equipment


Our Calibration Services Explained

VFE Calibration Laboratory

Our fully equipped calibration laboratory (no. 4338) is accredited to ISO17025 by UKAS and caters for calibration of temperature sensors and instruments with temperature-controlled chambers, environmental chambers and a number of temperature baths in which to perform calibrations.

We also provide electrical and pressure/vacuum calibrations within the laboratory. Working in this specialist facility means our engineers and technicians are constantly equipped with fully calibrated and traceable measurement standards at all times. It also enables us to calibrate our customers’ instrumentation, which assists with fast turnaround times.

VFE Field Calibrations

Our highly competent and well-equipped calibration engineers also provide a wide range of ISO17025/UKAS accredited calibrations on customer sites.

Our current UKAS scope can be checked here

What We Do for Our Customers

Our calibration services also include a wide range of traceable calibration parameters that help our customers to meet their own internal quality and technical requirements, as well as external ones like Nadcap AMS2750/AMS2769 standards. They also help to ensure that the plant is operating correctly, efficiently and above all accurately. This means our customers can be confident that their product will meet quality expectations and test results are reliable.

Calibration also helps our customers to understand the performance of their production equipment, resulting in reduced product failures, increased reliability, less down-time and decreased production running costs. And remember, if equipment fails to meet calibration requirements or is not running properly, VFE engineers can quickly make adjustments or conduct repairs, saving additional call-out costs. Calibration also forms an integral part of VFE’s ServiceCare planned preventative maintenance contracts.

Range of Equipment Calibrated

Please refer to our UKAS Scope for our current accredited calibration activities.

Temperature (Electronic thermometers, temperature sensors, loggers)
Humidity (Hygrometers, humidity loggers)
Pressure/Vacuum (Gauges, transmitters)
Electrical (Chart recorders, temperature indicators, ammeters, volt meters)
Environmental and Climatic Chambers
Fridges and Freezers

Calibration Uncertainties

Please refer to our UKAS Scope for our current accredited CMCs.

In air: Traceable certificate
-40 to 20°C
20 to 50°C
50 to 100°C
In a stirred liquid bath: traceable certificate
-40 to 75°C
75 to 200°C
Sites: temperature chambers; furnaces; electronic indicators with sensors: UKAS or Traceable
-80 to -40°C
-40 to 0°C
0 to 50°C
50 to 250°C
250 to 500°C
500 to 1200°C
±0.85°C ±0.65°C ±0.50°C ±0.70°C ±1.60°C ±3.30°C
On site: environmental chambers (temperature sensitivities as above): Traceable
10 to 50°C / 10 to 30%rh
20 to 70°C / 30 to 98%rh
90°C / 85%rh
Gas Pressure (Gauge)
-95kPa to 100kPa
100kPa to 2MPa
Gas Pressure (Absolute) (inc. altitude units)
3.5kPa to 120kPa
Vacuum Gauges (Absolute)
1x102 kPa to 1x10-6kPa
Lab: Sensor checks/salt pots – ranges 10 to 50°C at fixed point humidities of 11, 22, 54, 75 and 90%rh: Traceable
11%rh to 90%rh
For temperature range 0 to 50°C
±1.9%rh to ±2.1%rh
Lab: Relative Humidity Instruments: Traceable
11%rh to 90%rh
For temperature range 0 to 50°
±2.0%rh to ±2.2%rh
On site: environmental chambers (temperature sensitivities as above)
10 to 50°C / 10 to 30%rh
10 to 20°C / 30 to 98%rh
20 to 85°C / 30
On site: Relative Humidity Instruments
11%rh to 95%rh Ambient temperature
On site: Relative Humidity Instruments
In free air at ambient temperature and humidity
0 to 20 mA
to 100Ω
100 to 1000Ω
±3.5 mV
Stimulation of thermocouples: Base metals
-190 to 1370°C
Stimulation of thermocouples: Noble metals
0 to 1700°C
Stimulation of Resistance Sensors (e.g. PT100)
2 and 3 wire
4 wire
Cold Junction Compensation
Ambient Temperature