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System Accuracy Tests & Thermal Surveys

Optimizing performance and precision for vacuum furnaces. Unlock efficiency, safety, and compliance.


At Vacuum Furnace Engineering (VFE), our commitment to excellence extends beyond supplying and servicing vacuum furnaces. We understand that precision and performance are paramount in your operations. That's why we offer comprehensive System Accuracy Tests and Thermal Surveys, backed by decades of industry expertise.

In the world of vacuum furnaces, accuracy and performance are non-negotiable. Even the most advanced equipment requires periodic assessment and calibration to ensure optimal results. VFE's System Accuracy Tests and Thermal Surveys are designed to enhance the efficiency, safety, and compliance of your systems.

Our Expertise

With decades of experience servicing and supplying vacuum furnaces, control systems, and associated systems, VFE's team of seasoned engineers is uniquely qualified to perform System Accuracy Tests and Thermal Surveys. Additionally, our ISO17025 / UKAS accredited laboratory (Laboratory no. 4338) provides confidence that we provide these services impartially and to the highest standards of competence.

Our comprehensive approach covers various critical areas:

System Accuracy Tests

  • In-situ comparison of installed process sensors (typically thermocouples) against reference standards to validate their continued accuracy.
  • System Accuracy Tests are often required for compliance with manufacturing standards (such as AMS2750).
  • Highly recommended for all ‘permanently installed’ sensors or pass-throughs as drift can easily go un-noticed, degrading your process.

Thermal Uniformity Surveys

  • Temperature Mapping of thermal processing equipment; validating that the whole working space is meeting the temperature requirements for your products.
  • Thermal Uniformity Surveys are often required for compliance with manufacturing standards (such as AMS2750).
  • Highly recommended for any thermal processing equipment because changes in uniformity performance usually indicate degradation of the equipment, affecting either the process, energy efficiency, or both.

Benefits of Our Services


System Accuracy Tests and Thermal Surveys ensure precise control and uniformity.


Optimal performance leads to reduced energy consumption and operational costs.


Verification of safety features protects personnel, equipment, and product.


Ensure your equipment meets industry regulations and standards.


Proactive maintenance recommendations extend equipment lifespan.