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Cooling System Upgrades and Overhaul

Elevate efficiency and extend furnace life with VFE's vacuum furnace cooling solutions, unlocking superior performance and reliability


Ready to enhance your vacuum furnace's cooling system or invest in a cutting-edge solution for your new installation?

Contact Vacuum Furnace Engineering today to schedule a consultation. Experience superior performance, sustainability, and reliability in your vacuum furnace cooling.

Vacuum Furnace cooling systems

Your vacuum furnace's cooling system is its lifeline. Inefficiencies in this crucial component can lead to premature wear, disrupt your processes, and compromise the quality of your products.

Vacuum Furnace Engineering (VFE) is your trusted partner for comprehensive cooling solutions. Whether you need an upgrade for your existing system or seek cutting-edge cooling technology for new installations, we have the expertise to keep your operations running smoothly.

At Vacuum Furnace Engineering, we understand the pivotal role that a vacuum furnace's cooling system plays in your industrial processes. Inefficient cooling not only jeopardizes your equipment but also impacts the quality and consistency of your output. Our Vacuum Furnace Cooling Solutions are designed to address these challenges and optimize your cooling system for peak performance.

Vacuum Furnace Water Cooling System Upgrade and Overhaul

Why Choose VFE's Upgrade and Overhaul Service?


Our seasoned engineers specialize in vacuum furnace cooling systems, capable of diagnosing issues and implementing solutions that restore your system's efficiency and reliability.

Comprehensive assessment

We conduct a thorough evaluation of your cooling system, identifying areas that need improvement or replacement. Our assessments cover everything from pumps and pipes to heat exchangers and controls.

Customized solutions

We offer tailored recommendations, from transitioning to closed systems to adapting to higher ambient temperatures or optimizing fan control for enhanced energy efficiency and reduced noise.

Efficiency focus

Our upgrades and overhauls enhance performance, resulting in improved temperature control, lower maintenance costs, and extended equipment lifespan. We also seek to deliver the most energy efficient solution.

Downtime minimization

We understand the importance of minimizing operational disruption. Our experienced technicians work efficiently to keep your downtime to a minimum.

Environmental responsibility

We can help you adopt more sustainable cooling solutions, reducing water usage and environmental impact.

New Vacuum Furnace Water Cooling Systems

Why Choose a Cooling System from VFE for New Installations?

Cutting-edge technology

Our new cooling systems incorporate the latest advancements in cooling technology, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Custom design

We collaborate closely with you to design a cooling system tailored to your vacuum furnace's specifications and operational requirements.

Energy-efficient solutions

Our systems are designed to minimize energy consumption, reduce environmental impact, and meet modern sustainability standards.


We prioritize durability, providing you with long-lasting, dependable cooling solutions.

Water Treatment Services

Proper water treatment is paramount for maintaining your cooling system's integrity. VFE offers comprehensive water treatment services, ensuring the water used in your cooling system remains clean, free from contaminants, and compatible with your equipment.